Why escorts are better than dates in the city of London

Professional escorts are not technically defined as sex workers. They do not display their profession to the public or work in brothels. An escort may be either independent or work for an escort agency. You make an appointment by phone or e-mail. When using reputable agencies, it is better to book the escort beforehand. The services are usually advertised on the Web or in certain magazines. Booking an escort has numerous advantages over a date.

High level of safety during meetings

Most London escorts are professional. Unlike a date, you have the advantage of knowing the motivation beforehand. All the escorts require of you is humane treatment and they will give you more pleasure. When dating, you cannot be sure who you’re dealing with and have no way of finding the person in case of theft or other problems. On the other hand, you can raise a complaint to a London escort agency in case you’re not satisfied.

Perfect companion in high class events and gatherings

An escort is unlikely to embarrass you in high class events because they know how to act in an environment of people with high standards. The women are sexy and well educated and can hold intelligent conversations if needed. A date may not be intelligent for your standards .

You maintain your high reputation

A date may be sexy but she will most likely fail you in other areas. An escort on the other hand knows how to perform her job. Escorts look elegant, sophisticated, and well educated. They will steal the light from the room and be the center of attraction. A date on the other hand may not know how to dress appropriately to maintain your status.

Available when you need her

With a date, you have to work on a schedule that is convenient for both of you. An escort, on the other hand, is available whenever you need her. You can even have her for 24 hours if you book in advance. This is impossible when having a date.

Offers city guide and tour guide services

Escorts can also offer tour guides or city guides. They usually have a vast knowledge of the area and you’ll have an easier time getting around, while still enjoying the sexy company. They are especially convenient if it’s your first time visiting London. A date may not be familiar with the city and may not be available to show you around when you need her to. Escorts can provide tips about the best places to visit and the best restaurants, nightclubs and bars of the city.

Enjoy great massage services

 When you book an attractive woman from an escort agency, you’ll get more than sexual companionship. These sexy women are trained to cater to a wide range of needs, including massages. You don’t need to go to a massage parlor and you’ll get true value for your money. The massage service they provide is professional and excellent. It is hard to find a date with this specialization. Remember that you’ll need to inform the agency of your needs beforehand.


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